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There are mornings in which you wake up with a smile, but there are others when life isn't as sweet and you feel like you can't carry on. The only thing that can help you move forward is a helping hand that lifts you up or someone that reminds you how bright the sun can shine and how beautiful life can be. Those reminders are what Hashtag Bracelets represent on your wrist. 

A bracelet you can personalize with the message that represents you most or to gift to someone so that they never forget you. With solemnity of a tattoo, it's there to remind you what you're fighting for every time you look at your wrist with a phrase that inspires you, a date that you'll always remember, or the name of person you love so much. 

Steve Sanchez created Hashtag Bracelets back in the day when the only thing getting him through the week were the posted notes his life partner Ruth would leave him in the mornings with encouraging messages. "You can do anything", "better days will come", and just like that, little by little, he got over that ugly anxiety that loomed over him. This spanish entrepreneur's philosophy has always been to dive in head first into the pool then ask if there's water afterwards. His childhood friend Sergi eventually joined the venture. Life is just a passing moment, and what else is there to it if we aren't trying to be the best version of ourselves? We should always strive to see that brilliant light that shines within.  Hashtag bracelet's mission is to let the world know who you are, what makes you passionate, and what drives you. Perhaps your passion is animals, sport, or the color of your team. Maybe you love to travel, dance, or surf. Remind yourself that 'you can do it' even when it doesn't feel like it or gift yourself with the loving reminder of the ones who are no longer with you.

The hashtag has become the symbol of out generation and it takes many forms on social media. That's why Hashtag Bracelets wants to take the message that's written in your heart, materialize it, give it color, and send it to you so that it can accompany you everyday on your wrist or on the wrist of a person who will always remember that you are there for them through thick and thin. 

Words come our heart and our words become a hashtag, and with Hashtag Bracelet you can let the world know: This is me, this is who I am.